Saturday, July 7, 2012

SneakPeeq Necklace (not sponsored!)

After seeing it mentioned on a bunch of freebie sites, I signed up for Sneakpeeq just a few weeks ago. I'll admit that a large part of the draw was the chance to get a necklace for "free" (in actuality, there was a $1.00 shipping fee tacked on, which I don't see as a huge problem), but I actually had a lot of fun looking at the new items every day. A lot of them are, frankly, not my style - like the "sex canvases" that went on sale the other day, but many of the other products made me wish I had more free spending money!

The fact that you have to "peeq" to see a price, and can only check 20 prices per day, makes the site just a little more exciting. It's kind of nice to check and get a new badge, too. You'll randomly get free shipping, or $$ off, or any one of a bunch of other badges. My collection's sparse so far, but I'm working on it:

Anyway, I'm posting today because my $1 necklace finally arrived!

It's actually very nice. The ribbon looked slightly off when I put it on, but one of my roommates tied it into a tiny bow and that completely fixed the problem. Sneakpeeq sends you a random color and I was seriously hoping for the green pictured above, but instead I got the purple heart:

And, you know what? I'm not even disappointed. It's a lovely color and it probably would have been my second choice. I also thought it was cute of the company to send a little extra with my package - I got a white-stone costume jewelry ring as an added bonus!

I'll try and get a photo of my necklace with the bow up soon :)

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